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Ahmad Nassri

CTO of #paid, Co-Founder of Cor, Developer Accelerator, Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur, Founder of Tech Masters Community.

Previously: npm, TELUS, Kong, CBC/Radio-Canada, BlackBerry

Contact me regarding local, national or international speaking enquiries. Happy to consider travel within my work schedule.
Modern Patterns in Modular Software Architectures

modular software architecture

Modular architecture patterns have been around for a long time, longer than some of us have even been alive! the pipe-dream to create a fully modular software system is still alive and strong, so what have we learned over the years and across different practices? and how do teams today adopt a modern view to an age old problem!

Always Forward with Dan Shaw

frameworks backends api bff

Are we still BFFs? The Backend for Frontends model helped paved the way way for mass Node.js adoption and has defined much of full-stack development for the past few years. Now that divergent, monolithic platforms have been replaced by full-stack API backed services powered by Node.js, teams are finding the BFF model too limiting. We’ll explore alternative approaches? Does the BFF still have a place in our architectural toolkit? Is GraphQL the best answer?

Milliseconds to Millions - Benchmarking & Optimization for Fun and Profit!!


The past 10+ years of affordable and easy to scale cloud services & platforms has dulled our collective edge when it comes to matters of performance optimization and benchmarking our software creations.

Fast Secure Usable APIs in Node.js

node api

Hack the North is the biggest Canadian hackathon being held at University of Waterloo.

Build, publish and maintain modern OSS Node.js Packages

javascript node.js es2016

Building and publishing packages with ES2015/ES2016, covering everything from transpiler choices, testing, and publishing on npm.

Microservices Orchestration With Kong, Galileo & Gelato

api kong gelato galileo mashape

Building Microservices & APIs in Production, how to achieve orchestration harmony like a true maestro!

RESTful Applications: Past, Present and Future

api rest hypermedia

From Egyptian gods to SOA, we’ll cover some API mythology, History and best practices, as well as cover the future of web standards and protocols and what that means for the APIs of tomorrow.

API Love Story

api restful best-practice

From Egyptian gods to SOA, we’ll cover some API mythology, history and best practices, as well as cover the future of the web and what that means for the APIs of tomorrow.

Automating Frontend Workflow

yeoman yo grunt bower

An introduction to automating frontend development workflows with Yeoman

Community Driven Software Development

community process best-practice

Keynoting the PayPal DevCon 2019 sharing lessons learned from the Open Source world

Scaling Documentation and Team Practices

documentation process best-practice

How to scale your technology culture around documentation and inclusive community practices to support thousands of developers across a large Enterprise business all while going through a full digital transformation!

Beyond Agile: The Open Development Methodology

software process methodology

The Open Development Method is a summary of lessons learned in leading large teams around Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and other common methodologies.