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Ahmad Nassri

CTO of npm, Inc. Founder of Tech Masters Community, Member of Node.js Foundation, Advocate of all things Open Source, Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur.

Previously: TELUS, Kong, CBC/Radio-Canada, BlackBerry

Contact me regarding local, national or international speaking enquiries. Happy to consider travel within my work schedule.
Browser Panel: Commitments to the Web Platform

September 30, 2019 — View Source Conference 2019

Keynote: Community Driven Software Development

June 11, 2019 — PayPal DevCon 2019

Keynoting the PayPal DevCon 2019 sharing lessons learned from the Open Source world

Developer Panel: The Future of Open Source

April 18, 2019 — Devhub

Open source software has been a hot topic over the last couple of years, especially with big shots like Google, Amazon and Facebook joining the game. But what does the future hold for it and what role will OSS play in the software ecosystem?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Enterprise Open Source

November 07, 2018 — NodeConf EU

Paul, Gordon and Ahmad discuss 3 different perspectives on node success, including some of the problems and the challenges we face over the coming years.

Panel: Modern Software Practices of Node in the Enterprise

July 24, 2018 — Node Summit 2018

Annual Node.js Conference focused on the business of Node.js and the ecosystem that makes it work

Emcee @ Node Summit 2018

July 24, 2018 — Node Summit 2018

Annual Node.js Conference focused on the business of Node.js and the ecosystem that makes it work

Executive panel – Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation

June 20, 2018 — Adobe Experience Makers

Adobe and partners are bringing together 300 digital leaders from Canada’s top brands to explore the HOW of delivering world-class digital experiences.

Scaling Documentation and Team Practices

June 14, 2018 — GitHub Constellation Toronto 2018

How to scale your technology culture around documentation and inclusive community practices to support thousands of developers across a large Enterprise business all while going through a full digital transformation!

Architect's View on Backend for Frontends (BFFs)

March 13, 2018 — Always Forward with dshaw

We’ll explore alternative approaches to BFF, Does the BFF still have a place in our architectural toolkit? Is GraphQL the best answer?

Milliseconds to Millions - Benchmarking & Optimization for Fun and Profit!!

July 13, 2017 — FullStack 2017

The past 10+ years of affordable and easy to scale cloud services & platforms has dulled our collective edge when it comes to matters of performance optimization and benchmarking our software creations.

Building a Technical Team (The Right Way)

October 30, 2016 — TWG

If you are hiring developers or engineers for your business, how do you source, select and hire a technical team without a technical background? How do you attract and retain senior developers?

Mentor / Judge

October 02, 2016 — Next 36 Startup Sprint: National Disruption

100 bright, entrepreneurial minds take over Lighthouse Labs in Toronto and build, hack, design, and prototype projects around the theme of “National Disruption”. The winning team will receive a spot at The Next 36 National Selection Weekend

Fast Secure Usable APIs in Node.js

September 17, 2016 — Hack the North

Hack the North is the biggest Canadian hackathon being held at University of Waterloo.

Diversity In The Workplace

September 10, 2016 — Fireside Conference 2016

Looking at and beyond your profile pic, a Diversity Panel Moderated By: Michael Waxman, with Danielle Graham, Takara Small, Ahmad Nassri, Karen Schulman

Future of smart glasses

July 26, 2016 — We Are Wearables

The original Canadian Google Glass Explorers reunite to talk on the future of smart glasses

Build, publish and maintain modern OSS Node.js Packages

June 28, 2016 — Toronto Node.js

Building and publishing packages with ES2015/ES2016, covering everything from transpiler choices, testing, and publishing on npm.

Canada and the U.S. Technology Relationship

June 16, 2016 — U.S. - Canada S.A.G.E. Summit

A Panel on Technology and Shared Economy Ecosystem between Canada and the U.S.

The Rise of Open Source

June 15, 2016 — Big Data Toronto 2016

Navigating and Contributing to the Open Source Community.

Beyond Agile: The Open Development Methodology

June 02, 2016 — Canadian Tech @ Scale

The Open Development Method is a summary of lessons learned in leading large teams around Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and other common methodologies.

Beyond Agile: The Open Development Methodology

February 29, 2016 — DevTO

The Open Development Method is a summary of lessons learned in leading large teams around Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and other common methodologies.

Be The Maestro: Microservices Orchestration With Kong, Galileo & Gelato

February 11, 2016 — NodeDay Amsterdam

Building Microservices & APIs in Production, how to achieve orchestration harmony like a true maestro!

Career Debugging

January 16, 2016 — Dev.Config

From shell scripts to IDEs, we programmers spend a lot of time finding tools to optimize our development workflow. But how often are you given tools to debug your career?

The "No foobar" guide to new features in ECMAScript 6

November 17, 2015 — JavaScript Open Day Toronto

ES2015 brings a vast number improvements and features to our beloved JavaScript, we’ll go over all the new additions through short and sweet real world examples and preview some of of the evolving ECMAScript features coming in 2016.

The Hacker's Bio: World Premiere

November 15, 2015 — Full Stack Toronto

An exploration into the daily lives of Software Developers, Hardware Tinkers, Engineers and Technologists to better understand the culture, mindset and motivation of this generation.

What is The Open Development Methodology?

November 14, 2015 — Full Stack Toronto

The Open Source Natural Workflow as a Software Development Methodology

Open Development Methodology

July 06, 2015 — Tech Toronto

The Open Development Method is a summary of lessons learned in leading large teams around Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and other common methodologies.

Rocket Fuel for your APIs

April 28, 2015 — Discovery 2015: Ontario Centres of Excellence

Future of Computing Zone

RESTful Applications: Past, Present and Future

November 22, 2014 — Full Stack Toronto

From Egyptian gods to SOA, we’ll cover some API mythology, History and best practices, as well as cover the future of web standards and protocols and what that means for the APIs of tomorrow.

Google Glass - One Year Later

August 27, 2014 — We Are Wearables

It’s been just over a year since Explorers have worn Google Glass out in the wild and the world has never been the same since. Despite the fact that Glass is not officially available in Canada, a small group of Explorers have been living with Glass here in Toronto.

API Love Story

August 26, 2014 — HTML Toronto

Ahmad has a love/hate relationship with APIs, from the early days of building service APIs for mobile in early 2007 to modern day Hypermedia APIs and building tools for API developers around the world.

Google Glass at the ROM

July 22, 2014 — Royal Ontario Museum

A presentation of Google Glass experience with the Royal Ontario Museum

Automating Frontend Workflow

June 21, 2014 — AngelHack Toronto

An introduction to automating frontend development workflows with Yeoman