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Ahmad Nassri

CTO of #paid, Co-Founder of Cor, Developer Accelerator, Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur, Founder of Tech Masters Community.

Previously: npm, TELUS, Kong, CBC/Radio-Canada, BlackBerry

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Modular software architecture

December 20, 2019 — JS Party

Jerod and Divya welcome npm CTO Ahmad Nassri to discuss modular architecture. What it is, why it matters, and how you can achieve it. Ahmad has been thinking deeply about this topic lately and we have a very fruitful discussion that should have takeaways for developers of all experience levels.

Open Source, the grey areas, and keeping sharp with community

April 25, 2019 — The Frontier

Ahmad Nassri is a force in the open source world. Any given day you can find him leading advisory groups at the Node.js Foundation, kicking off OSS conferences, or masterminding technology communities like TechMasters.

The Journey to Open Source: A Leading Thinkers' Discussion With NearForm

March 04, 2019 — DZone

The idea of companies having a moral obligation and individuals having a professional responsibility to be adopters and contributors to Open Source is central to the future software industry.

NodeConf EU 2018 Q&A

February 11, 2019 — YouTube

Bryan Hughe spoke to Ahmad Nassri Chief Architect at TELUS Digital who explains that in today’s world, the open source adoption of software in the enterprise is a key growth factor for many companies.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Enterprise Open Source

December 12, 2018 — NearForm

“There is an onus on all enterprises who use Open Source to start investing back in the community”. NearForm’s Clare Dillon gives her takeaways from a panel discussion with Paul Savage Gordon Suttie & Ahmad Nassri

Open source community sees risk and reward in IBM purchase of Red Hat

November 01, 2018 — IT World Canada

For Ahmad Nassri, the chief architect at Telus Digital and self-described open source advocate, he sees where IBM is going with its strategy in acquiring Red Hat

20 years into the movement, more than half of developers involved in open source

October 31, 2018 — IT World Canada

Ahmad Nassri spends 20 per cent of his workday on open source and 90 per cent of his free time is dedicated to being a part of the open source community.

Execs from Loblaws, Scotiabank, Indigo and more describe the talent they need to reach their digital transformation goals

June 20, 2018 — Course Compare

In that sense, digital transformation may be as much about changing attitudes and mindsets as it is about adopting a particular technology, suggested Ahmad Nassri, principal architect at Telus Digital. Organizations should be looking for talent that contributes to that business-oriented, customer-centric mindset.

Business Organization with Ahmad

October 06, 2017 — Vancouver Tech Podcast

Special guest Ahmad Nassri, Principal Architect at Telus Digital joins host Drew Ogryzek to discuss community building, TechMasters, and business and team organization.

What I've learned about developer communities

July 05, 2017 — Open Channel

“If you want to build a community, you have to add value beyond just what the product offers.”

Kong, the API/Microservice Management Layer

December 21, 2015 — Three Devs and a Maybe

This week we are very lucky to have Ahmad Nassri on the show to discuss the world of APIs and how Kong (the API/Microservice management layer) fits into the picture. We start of discussion with how he got into programming and garnered an entrepreneurial spirit in his homeland of Syria, before moving to Canada in his late teens.

Kong, APIs, and Microservices

December 05, 2015 — The Changelog

Our guest this week is Ahmad Nassri from Mashape talking about Kong, an open-source management layer for APIs and Microservices.

Gaza Everywhere: exploring the applicability of a rhetorical lens in HCI

August 17, 2015 — Critical Alternatives 2015

Research Paper presented in “Critical Alternatives 2015” Conference

Gaza Everywhere app highlights true scale of humanitarian crisis

August 14, 2014 — The Independent

Gaza Everywhere allows users to compare the size of the Gaza Strip with their own hometown or a any other location in the world.

DOer of the Month

July 16, 2013 — Twilio Blog

We profiled Ahmad Nassri as DOer of the Month and featured his developer profile on the front page of the DOer Gallery

Bossome Experts of the Week

June 15, 2013 — Blog

He’s known for his successful leadership skills and has managed projects that have benefitted thousands of companies and developers worldwide. Need help with anything in the area of development? Ahmad’s your guy.

Ahmad Nassri is a #TOtechninja

May 06, 2012 — Stafflink Blog

He’s a creative technologist, disruptive thinker, restless problem solver and one of most socially networked tech ninjas in Toronto. Ahmad has worked as lead developer at Kobo, RIM, Viigo and Right Sleeve. Plus he’s started two online businesses.

Interviews with BlackBerry Productivity Experts

January 29, 2008 — BBHacker News

Interviews with BlackBerry Productivity Experts: Ahmad Nassri, Director of Web Services for Viigo Inc.