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Ahmad Nassri

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STOP breaking the web!

Everyday, I come across some common bad web development practices, here are some of the most recent failures.

I really shouldn’t be shocked by this anymore, I’ve seen so many examples of how developers always manage to ignore a standard, or a common behaviour of the web resulting in a broken experience.

Today I came across three prime (and repetitive) examples of common mistsakes:

To www or not to www

I saw an ad for Lego Land at the streetcar stop this morning, so while waiting I figured I’d check it out, open my Chrome Mobile, type in and I get this:

Legoland website without www Legoland website without "www"!

Javing seen this before, (oh, so many times!) I tried and I get the correct website!

Legoland website with www Legoland website with "www"!


Next on this shame list, is TransUnion, I typed in “TransUnion” in Google, clicked the first result and landed on the website at

transunion website on http:// transunion website on http://

At first glance, everything looks normal, then I quickly realized there is nothing to click on, and it seems some images are not showing!

Again, having seen this before, I quickly try and I get the proper page:

transunion website on https:// transunion website on https://

Not only was the page under HTTP broken, it’s also COMPLETELY different than the HTTPS page!

Being curious, I try: and of course they screwed that up as well:

transunion website on https:// without www transunion website on https:// without www

I give up!

Please stop breaking the web!