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Ahmad Nassri

CTO of #paid, Co-Founder of Cor, Developer Accelerator, Startup Advisor, Entrepreneur, Founder of Tech Masters Community.

Previously: npm, TELUS, Kong, CBC/Radio-Canada, BlackBerry

I also publish a blog on Medium, and occasionally guest-post on 3rd party sites.
The Modern Application Model

January 13, 2021 — Towards abstracting the Integration Layer

The New Normal — Scaling the challenges of a Modern CTO

September 16, 2020 — Whether you’re a Founding CTO or an Enterprise CTO, you cannot go at it alone. You have to hire a team around you to help delegate and distribute a modern CTO’s responsibilities and overlapping technical domains, such as CIO, CDO, CMO, etc.

Challenges of a Modern CTO

July 21, 2020 — A CTO needs to be able to operate and be experienced in many areas beyond just the tactical. To be successful, they require Technical & People Leadership experience.

Solving Solved Problems — Lessons from my journey

July 14, 2020 — How seemingly “solved problems” in technology keep repeating themselves, and how developers keep falling into the trap of reinventing the wheel

So long, and thanks for all the packages!

April 14, 2020 — Announcing my departure from npm

Ultimate Guide to Non-Rectangular Headers

January 16, 2017 — Non-Rectangular Headers have recently been taken over the web. This “new” design trend seems simple and straightforward at first, but can be a little tricky to accomplish. Camera Vulnerability

January 10, 2017 — uses a Java web player to live-stream video from your home security cameras to your browser, the Java player source code is easily decompiled and can grant an attacker access to the camera and home network.

Burn the Ships!

August 08, 2016 — A startup leadership lesson from the 7th century

Battle Scars

August 04, 2016 — Professional Growth & Experience through time and knowledge in the workplace trenches

Github GPG + Keybase PGP

April 09, 2016 — Using PGP Keys for GPG signature verification on Github can be a bit tricky. Luckily, you can still use your on Github with a simple workaround, following these instructions

My Syrian Passport

November 20, 2015 — This is my Syrian passport. To me, it represents the most significant milestone in my life: Leaving home behind and immigrating to Canada; It represents opportunity and the future.

Scrum is dead: Exploring The New Open Development Method

November 13, 2015 — Although Agile Methodologies may have made more sense when they were being developed in the early ’90s, much has changed over the years. Startups and businesses have work forces spread over many countries and time zones, making sharing offices more difficult for employees. As our workforce world evolves, our software development methods should evolve, too.

Using BrowserSync for Debugging your localhost

October 31, 2015 — With the advent of CSS preprocessors, Live-reloading tools, the continuous evolution of JavaScript, and multi-screen development, better & smarter tools have also emerged to facilitate testing, debugging and compiling.

How Mashape Manages Over 15,000 APIs & Microservices

October 01, 2015Mashape powers API-driven software. Hundreds of thousands of developers use our tools to manage, monitor, consume and provide APIs to their partners, apps, customers and employees. In fact, billions of API requests are processed through Mashape’s Marketplace every month.

Optimizing Google Analytics Tracking Code (Revisited)

March 08, 2015 — Google’s snippet for Analytics is optimized for maximum compatibility, not for performance, and certainly not for clarity. Here’s how to make it faster.

Becoming a Technology Team Leader

July 28, 2014 — Noah Brier, co-founder of Percolate, wrote an article for TechCrunch on Becoming An Engineering Manager, where he describes the job of being an engineering manager, he makes several good points that I agree with, I noticed that he was lacking in some parts of his message, and his use and description of the position of manager is something I strongly disagree with.

Neil deGrasse Tyson's 5 Simple Rules for startups and entrepreneurs

July 03, 2014 — How did we, tiny creatures living on this tiny planet, ever manage to figure out how to send spacecraft outer among the stars of the milky way? It was the work of generation of searchers, who took 5 simple rules to heart.

The Story So Far: My Journey (Part 2)

June 27, 2014 — July 19, 2005 was the day I set foot in Canada for the first time. My family and I, having just emigrated from Syria, had never been to Canada prior to this day. Those first few months went by so fast, we were in a daze! Compared to Syria, everything was so different, yet in some ways, everything was so much the same!

The Story So Far: My Journey (Part 1)

June 20, 2014 — As part of my application to the Founder Institute, I was posed the question: ‘Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?’ This is a retelling of some of my adventures growing up in Syria, up until arriving in Canada.

Measuring True Value

March 01, 2014 — The Time Currency: fully embracing time as the ultimate currency, and as a unit of measure for value.

Opting into The Matrix

February 12, 2014 — I often find myself spending time stressing over first-world problems: work stress, new house problems, a dog needing to be walked, commuting headaches, running late to meetings, or making the seemingly life-altering decision to get another puppy!

I get caught up. but every once in a while, a shocking reminder comes along and reminds me of a pivotal decision I made years ago.

The Hottest Skill That Got People Hired in 2013 is "Programming"

December 21, 2013 — LinkedIn took a look at the skills and employment history of over 259 million members to determine what the most popular skills were this year.

10 of the listed 25 top skills, can be described with one base skill: Programming.

What is a "Software Architect" and should they write code?

November 30, 2013 — Teaching business owners when they need to hire a Software Architect and what Architecture is all about.

Google Glass, beyond the hype

March 11, 2013 — Glass will be the first consumer ready computing device that takes away most of the physical limitations presented by keyboards, mice, and touch screens and allow us to operate our bodies freely and without constraint.

A faster Google Analytics implementation

February 21, 2013 — Google’s snippet for Analytics is optimized for maximum compatibility, not for performance. Here’s how to make it faster.

STOP breaking the web!

February 20, 2013 — Everyday, I come across some common bad web development practices, here are some of the most recent failures.

RESTful services with Zend Framework 1.0

February 04, 2011 — Building a fully RESTful API with Zend Framework 1.0.